It's lame, but it feeds my WoW addiction. I spend most of the day (as you may notice) writing these blog posts. I'm supposed to be debugging this back-end for a website we're pushing live tonight, but there are so few bugs that I'm mostly just sitting here staring at Eclipse typing jibberish every now and again so people will think that I'm working harder than I am.

The plus side of working here: we just got brand new Steelcase chairs in on Wednesday and they are amazing. They have a reclined position perfect for typing due to the awesome head-rest. Man, so awesome... so awesome that blood is pooling at the back of my head and causing me to type stupid things, like "Man, so awesome."

Let's talk turkey for a bit. What the hell is with all the nerf cries in the Druid forum lately. I know that like Tattooine (sorry, not a huge star wars fan, spelling/quoting might get botched), the druid forum is a cesspool for villainy unmatched throughout the galaxy. However, the incessant requests for ridiculous nerfs don't seem to stop. Every thirty minutes there is a level 14 something-or-other posting his favorite nerfs that will "balance" (read: destroy) the resto druid class.

Here are some of my favorite:

  • 3 second cooldown on travel form
  • 15 second cooldown on cyclone (ha)
  • 30 second cooldown on cyclone (lawl, wut!?)
  • allow mana burn / mana drain to work on cat/bear form
  • reduce bear form's armor and no longer give a stam buff (lawl...pve tanks would be pissed)
  • remove the 4-set bonus from resto set (lmao...they didn't even say replace it, just drop it)
  • make all arenas indoors
  • make all 2v2 arenas indoors
  • make 2v2 and 3v3 arenas indoors
  • put a 10 second cooldown on lifebloom (lmao, clearly no understanding of the spell)
  • remove the instant healing from dispelling rejuv (rofl, yeah, fine, this one I can get behind)
  • 50% to remove a movement impairing effect when shifting
  • move feral charge to the 21 point talent in feral (scary, this seems possible, but at least I could go 24/37 or whatever)
  • put roots and cyclone on the same diminishing returns (this would be horrible, I'd stop using roots altogether probably as cycloning one target then switching to the other is one of the best strats in the 2v2 game right now)
Holy shit on a biscuit, there were some funny ones. There were also some that made me scared because it seemed like the type of thing that Blizzard would do without fully understanding the implication of the change (the roots/cyclone dr, for example).

Bottom line: Blizzard CANNOT nerf resto druids without buffing them for 5v5 play, so my guess is that any nerfs aimed at 2v2 would be balanced out by 5v5 buffs (which usually end up better for 2v2 than 5v5, but who knows).