It might be easier to come up with titles for these things after they're written. BigBoss decided to wait until 8:15 to come in today >_<. Getting my hopes up that he wouldn't show at all is just cruel.

So, my 5s team is mainly a pug group, and while my rogue friend has his (and therefor: my) best intentions in mind, something tells me I could be doing better. He decided that our lineup wasn't cutting it, it needed something. Here's what he decided on: resto druid (me), him (shs rogue), spriest, warlock, boomkin.

Oh man, I had some e'splaining to do. Boomkin doesn't bring any more CC than I have, doesn't bring more damage than a mage, definitely doesn't bring more utility than a mage, and ALL the team's CC could be summed up in two words: diminishing returns.

"Yeah, but think of that +5% spell crit auto, how awesome would that be!?" - My rogue. No, sigh, here's why +5% spell crit isn't great. Spriests and Locks do all their damage from dots (unless the lock is destro, which is kinda lawl in and of itself, but probably rocks if you can sport > 30% spell crit, 1200 spell damage and still maintain 400 resilience... doubt it), so the only person gaining from the +5% spell crit the boomkin brings... is the boomkin. It would be like bringing a feral druid, and no other melee classes.

So we tried out the old setup: warrior+rogue+enh-shamang+paladin+resto-druid. We started off 2-5, which wasn't completely surprising, we kept fighting a team that 4/5 were wearing s3 shoulders (amongst the rest of their s3 gear). Our team is new, we're around the mid 1600 bracket, so this made no sense. Then we checked the armory; the fifth guy on the team was in blues and greens, and probably bought some arena points. Very sad for us.

The last three games we played, we won. We played against a good team (because our wins went 18,17,16), with the paladin, spriest, warlock, warrior, resto shamang makeup. We actually fought them the last 4 games, but lost the first. I decided that trying to take the spriest down first was the best idea. I was wrong. The next game we tried the shamang. For some reason, after we downed him, the match was easy, though not straight forward.

I tried a new tactic that game - start out by lifeblooming their target (usually our enh-shamang), then cycloning their dps. I picked the shadow priest, since he would actually use direct damage, as opposed to the warlock who was throwing dots and mana draining the pally, but that's it. So, I would have one of their dps players out of the fight for a bit while we were knocking the shamang down, then I switched to the warrior when the spriest was immune, then I went for the pally as the shamang hit 30%. With 3 dps'ers on you, all with windfury totem helping, 30% can be NOTHING with your pally out of the fight.

I'm still surprised at how many paladins walk around without a trinket... it's just amazing to me. You are affected by cyclone.
5 - Your main heal target has died
If you throw a trinket in around 1 or 2, you can keep your target up... I just don't get it. Paladins complain about druid's cyclone SO MUCH, but seriously, no trinket means you can't complain.