I've decided that my rogue should probably get the Hand of Justice since it's the best rogue trinket in the game until the mid 60s. This shouldn't prove to be especially difficult because my druid is on a different account than my rogue, so I can just run the rogue in stealth with my druid doing all the clearing.

The ninja-run looks like this: enter BRD, cut straight left to open the first door, duck right to open the second, on the left wall there is another door, open it up (normally one would open the shadowforge lock...but we don't care for this run. Follow the left hallway all the way to the locked door (because we didn't open the shadowforge) and jump out the right window onto the ledge. If you agro, it doesn't matter, eventually the guys will bug out and evade themselves so you'll drop combat. Next you stealth past the little patrol below and between all the fire elementals. You can kill Lord Incendius or not... it really could matter less because the gear he drops is garbage, but if you're enchanting... might be worth it in mats. Next, we drop down from Incendius's room (yes, into the lava) and head to the wall as soon as we can. That lava is nasty, and there are elementals roaming in it...so getting out without a pull is good. Next, we walk the wall all the way until we have no more wall to walk, it will incline upwards slightly, and you should be able to see an island with fire elementals on it in the distance.

We're almost to the hard part now. There is a fire elemental in the lava that has to be pulled and killed if the rogue is going to survive this swim. After he's dead, HoT up the rogue with regrowth and rejuv and start him on his hopping-swim over to the island. Depending on the level of the rogue, he should be able to stand on a corner without agro'ing or dying from the lava. If he agros, he should sprint, run through the crowd straight, and make for the furnace landing, if he dies, no worries, that's what battle rez is for, but if he doesn't, have him vanish and wait for the druid. The druid is 70, so he won't agro the pack, and heal up on the island, then jump around the left side and make his way over to the rogue. Walk up the ramp and down the stairs and open the door.

The rogue waits here. This room CAN be tricky...but doesn't really have to be. The guys in this room don't shield bash or silence or anything, so with a decent amount of +healing, a druid can kill a full pack of guys with hurricane and still be above 75% health and mana. I look for the torch-carrier packs and rejuv, barkskin, hurricane to kill the pack. Then take the torch and light the brazier. Rinse-repeat until the doors open. Have the druid wait on the newly opened doors side, and have the rogue maneuver to him. At this point, since I'm playing both, it's hard to make the rogue go to the right place. I just point the rogue at a far corner (behind this boss), and put him on auto-run (make sure he's not running at the door, because when the boss dies, the doors will open and that could be bad).

This boss is simple. I use insect swarm versus my lifebloom stack. Essentially, it's 200 mana per cast, and my lifebloom easily outdps's the bosses. There isn't an agro wipe, so don't worry about the rogue. You can throw wraths in there if you want to speed things up and can maintain the 3-stack and insect swarm rotations.

The next room is NOT hard...it's just time consuming. Essentially, there are a bunch of packs, each with an elite. So you take down each pack 1 / min. There are 10 packs total, so this can take a while. Rejuv, lifebloom, barkskin, hurricane, then wrath-spam the elite (who WILL run when he gets low). Once the packs are all dead, you can drink up and start the boss fight.

Personally, I like killing them both... but it takes longer. There are a few ways to do this battle, personally, I prefer kiting, it just seems to work better. I start on one of the two ledges and starfire the Princess 2-3 times until they break LoS and start coming up the stairs, and I move to the middle of the ledge, but don't jump off yet. Wait until the Emp hits you once, then jump off, insect swarm the Emp and the Princess, then lifebloom yourself up to the otherside and bombard them with starfire/wrath as they cross the middle with you up top. It takes some doing to get this timed right. Also, the Emperor can use his 5 second stun on you to deliver an Ironfoe payload...which even at 70 hits pretty hard (unless you're in pvp gear like me).

Eventually, the princess oom's because she only has enough mana to heal 10-12 times, and her heals don't do all that much compared to your starfire/insect swarm combos. She drops, then you can focus on the Emperor. Meanwhile, your rogue is sitting in the back of the room watching these shananagans go on...staying stealthed and out of danger.

Hopefully you get a Hand of Justice to drop... with around a 15% drop rate, it shouldn't be very hard at all. Additionally, you have a chance to get the Ironfoe to drop (about 1%, so not great, although I HAVE seen it drop before and a shamang won it before they nerfed the windfury-ironfoe-windfury-ironfoe-etc combos that would sometimes sum to 5k or more >_<). Essentially, that's what I'm trying for my rogue.

Ironfoe + Hand of Justice. Ironfoe is STILL believed to have a 10% proc rate rather than a PPM proc rate, so on any given swing, it can proc two additional attacks. Tied with the Hand of Justice, which is now (I believe) a PPM proc rate of 1, essentially, you're damage per second should be much more than your paper-doll would have you believe.

Sorry for the long post, but now you know how to do a stealth and quick Emperor run, and that's the important thing.