In the Blade's Edge Arena, there is a trick I do against EVERY warrior-comprised team I see (in 2v2). The way I see it is that the warrior will HAVE to fight my warrior a bit up on the bridge while my warrior tries to lay the beat-down on the healer. What I do, is stealth over onto one of the pillars and keep my LoS on my warrior. Then I start healing on the end, but with about 2 in-game-feet of distance between the edge of the pillar and myself. Otherwise I'm on the front corner...


Warriors LOVE seeing a druid, we're squishy, and just about the only thing that happens (in my guess) is that on vent the healer starts yelling about "DRUID DRUID DRUID PILLAR DRUID" and the warrior clicks over to me and starts mashing intercept.


With the way I've positioned myself, the warrior should have to cross the rope-bridge to get to me (if you're too close to the edge, the warrior will be able to hit you from the other side of the rope-bridge and will end his intercept there). Because of how intercept works, he should be facing me square away after intercept, but because of how I've positioned myself...he ended up on the corner-edge of the pillar, and moving ANY DIRECTION AT ALL will make him fall off the pillar.

What's worse?

I usually have popped Nature's Grasp before this encounter and he ends up rooted, under the bridge, while my warrior is DESTROYING the healer, and I'm not losing mana. I usually keep the warrior rooted, cycloned, then drop combat for stealth, pounce him under the bridge, 3-point maim him, then run far back and start the roots/cyclone train again.

Long story short, unless the healer is a pally, we usually end up killing their healer without me dipping below 80% unless the warrior is smart enough to KNOW this positioning and NOT intercept me just yet, but wait for me to start running. My brother (my warrior) knows about this and doesn't usually intercept people on the edge like that, so we sometimes catch other druids off guard.

I'll try and get some pics up of this or even a vid eventually.